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John Alexander 2 Favorite Quality Lead Generator Secrets

My 2 Favorite Lead Generator Secrets by John Alexander Traffic Generator Secret 1 A big way of getting free quality traffic to your own site…is to seek out google ranked blogs and asking to be a “guest...
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Incorporating SMS into your marketing mix

SMS messaging campaigns are the most familiar form of mobile marketing. With SMS campaigns, a mobile phone user is directed to send a distinct message keyword to a pre-defined 5- or 6-digit short code...
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Text Messaging Statistics

Text messaging statistics • 96% of mobile users have SMS capability • SMS messages are typically read within four minutes • 97% of SMS messages are opened (83% within the first hour) – generating...
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Getting Ranked on 1st Page of Google Searches

I’m sharing another one of my secret sauces today on how to make simple changes to your WordPress site that forces the Google minions to rank you into number 1 positions on keyword searches. Don’t...
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Astonishing, in the next 2 minutes you are going to learn how to write the perfect ad on Craigslist!

Let me ask you, have you ever read through Craigslist ad’s? Were you astounded at the dull headlines and weak text copy? You probably know what I’m talking about. The same old lame headlines that...
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5 Reasons You Should Create a Self-Hosted Word Press Blog for your Network Marketing Business

Have you ever thought about you being able to create a blog for your network marketing business? That exact same thought has occurred to a lot of people. Lots of men and women have had the exact same idea....
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Live webcast tonight “Metrics for Success”

The Metrics I’m sharing with you tonight will allow you to dominate your market. Metrics Video Click to watch intro video Do you want to be Number 1 in sales? Then you can’t afford to miss this webcast...
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Are MLM Companies just Pyramids Destined to Fail?

A lot of things are pyramid shaped, it happens the be the strongest foundational shape in the universe. It’s true, MLM Companies are shaped like a pyramid… just the same as any corporation. As you...
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